Why Islam Leaks?

Dear Reader,

I write to you to issue a very serious warning.

The more I investigate, the more I realise how stupid we have been. We have basically opened the door, invited the wolf to come in, and expected the wolf to sit down politely and join us in pleasant conversation.

What no-one blindly promoting "multiculturism" seems to have thought to do is actually investigate what Islam is.

  • What does it stand for?
  • What are the teachings?
  • What is the history of it?
  • How does it operate?

These questions apparently cannot be asked, on the grounds of appearing "insensitive" and "interfering with another culture". So now, instead of deeming our own philosophies untouchable - a bad enough idea - we have instead deemed someone else's philosophies untouchable - without even really understanding what those philosophies are. Not only have we cowtowed to a very dangerous ideology, we have actively encouraged it to blossom, and then cheered it into the highest positions in our society.

Once upon a time we knew. We knew that Islam was intrinsically an ideology of war - because we had been fighting off Islam for hundreds of years.

But instead of our society remembering important lessons from history and passing these down to the next generation, we have brainwashed our kids with nonsense about "political correctness". This was something invented only very recently, and as with any new invention is unlikely to withstand the test of time.

Fairy stories, on the other hand, have been around us for centuries - only we seem to have forgotten why they are there. We may have told our kids tales like "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Three Little Pigs", but did we just think these were a good way to make our kids fall asleep - or did we remember to make our kids understand they were metaphors and incredibly important lessons for life?

The wolf is already in our house.

We have sleepwalked into an incredibly dangerous situation, through our apparently deliberate misunderstanding of what Islam is, and through our insistence on stupid, radical, untested and unobtainable ideals. A long list of ignorant Western politicians, delirious on the fever of political correctness, including David Cameron, Barack Obama and George Bush, have made the repeated false statement that "Islam is a religion of peace".

The Quran does not agree.

In the Quran there are "at least 109 verses that speak of war with non-believers". The source of this statement is the website The Religion of Peace, which provides a list of those verses. But you should not trust me, or even that website. I would urge you to compare the listed verses with any online version of the Quran in English (e.g. quranful or clearquran).

Despite the mainstream press desperately coming up with every tenuous counter-argument imaginable, we see aggression in the name of Islam occurring across the globe on a daily basis. According to The Religion of Peace 2017 saw 15,834 people killed in 2,042 attacks in 61 countries - all in the name of Islam. The evidence that Islam is not a religion of peace is both written in black and white, and evidenced by the behaviour of its followers.

The negative outlook for Europe, and more specifically the UK, is compounded by the paralytic stranglehold of political correctness on our politicians, and compounded further by an increasing disconnect from evidence and objectivity amongst the mainstream media. Yet in my opinion the factor which is driving us to destruction the fastest is neither of these things; instead it is quite simply our inability to even consider the possibility that practitioners of Islam may be telling us lies.

In a number of instances, secret cameras have revealed a difference between what certain muslims were saying when non-muslims were present, and what they were saying behind closed doors, when they thought only other muslims could hear them. The contrast is stark. It seems that while in public there are friendly smiles, and the words are full of tolerance, in private the tone turns hatred and disrespect for "kuffar" (infidels, or non-believers) - even calling for their murder.

Every time an attrocity is committed in the name of Islam, our pathetic politicians run to try and find someone to reassure us that this "isn't Islam". The very obvious reluctance of any public figure in the Islamic world to step forward and condemn attrocities committed in the name of Islam ought to be enough; it is a silence that shouts far louder than words. But instead it seems our politicians want to be lied to. And so they desperately call on Islamic leaders to condemn the attack, and once they can secure the smallest hint of condemnation, they embrace it without question and with a sigh of relief stick their heads right back in the sand.

Honesty ranks very highly on the list of Western values. We are taught from an early age that it is wrong to deceive; we feel better about ourselves when we tell the truth, and a deep sense of guilt when we lie. The importance of honesty is so ingrained within our culture that we cannot fathom anyone would regard it differently. This is the crux of the problem with "multiculturism"; it works great until you get a culture which is really different from your own, down to challenging values you so took for granted that everyone shared, you never once considered someone else might not. When this happens it apparently blinds us; we cannot even see it, let alone begin to deal with it. And this why I regard it as being so dangerous.

Recently I suggested to a friend that certain muslim politicians in the UK may be practicing Taqiyya - talking as if they they have the interests of Britain at heart, but secretly acting to further the cause of Islam. "I am sure this is not the case," said my friend irritably. "If you want to learn about Islam, why don't you visit a mosque? I am sure the Imam would happily explain to you the details of his religion."

He effectively suggested I should go and ask someone if they told lies.

The fact he could deliver this statement with a straight face, and without a trace of irony, made me realise just how securely-fastened the blindfold.

The fact is, the majority of people in the UK are still not directly affected by Islam because they don't live near enough to it. It would seem those non-muslims living in the most concentrated muslim communities become the most vocal critics of it. Meanwhile citizens of essentially non-muslim areas hang on to their ideas of "multiculturism" and label complainers "racists".

If we have to wait for the majority of people in the UK to be personally affected by Islam before they will question their convictions then we are in trouble. By the time this happens it may already be too late.

This is the reason I decided to set up Islam Leaks. The aim is to try to gather as much undercover material as possible that can be used to determine just how wide the gap between the public face of Islam and its private persona. What is really being taught in our mosques? How do Muslims really view non-believers? How many of its members really want to fit into our society, and how many are just here to take what we have, and then take over? Why is it muslims actively try to prevent anyone filming near mosques? Aside from the fact they often have no right to do so, what exactly is it they are trying to hide?

The more first hand evidence we can gather that "Taqiyya" is a real and dangerous, and the more muslim politicians and public figures we can catch doing it, the more we can convince people that Islam is not the benign force it claims to be.

As the name suggests Islam Leaks is a whistleblower site, enabling you to

  • upload film footage or other material which exposes what muslims are really saying about non-believers
  • supply tip-offs of things you've seen or heard in your community - or elsewhere
  • direct us to evidence we didn't know about

Where relevant, the information we gather will be consolidated and presented on this site.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Islam Leaks.

-- Joe Green, July 2018