Leak FAQ

How can I submit to Islam Leaks?

You can submit material to us anonymously here, but be sure you have read and understood the information on this page before doing so.

When Should I Submit to Islam Leaks?

  • you have material you don't dare post to the internet (in your name)
  • you think we should know about your youtube videos (or material posted on another site)
  • you posted to youtube but they took it down
  • you have insider information too sensitive to blindly post to the internet
Please note that if you have information about a planned terrorist activity, we do want to hear about it, but unless you have reason to believe it is not safe to do so, make sure you tell the police first. We get that the police are generally being deliberately unhelpful towards citizens reporting crime committed by muslims. However, to claim the moral high ground we need to keep to our own morals where we can. Since the police have the power to stop crimes (Islam Leaks unfortunately does not) we need to at least give them a chance to do this. If you report crimes and the police do nothing or are deliberately unhelpful, then this is the time to get in touch with Islam Leaks.

What kind of material can I send?

We are primarily interested in first hand video footage, so we can display it on the Islam Leaks website. However we are also interested in audio recordings, documents and/or email transcripts. The primary objective is to gather as much information as possible so we can expose
  • the true, brutal nature of Islam as practiced on our shores
  • what is really being said about us by Muslims behind closed doors
  • the cover ups that have gone on, and continue to go on by our Islamophile authorities
Any material that helps us achieve this is highly appreciated. What specific categories are most of interest? We are primarily looking for material:
  1. From inside Mosques and Schools

    What is really going on inside mosques and schools in our country? We have some film footage of muslim tutors and preachers teaching hate, intolerance and even murder. We need more, so we can prove this is the norm, not the exception.

  2. From inside Prisons

    Muslim inmates now make up a significant proportion of our prisons, and in some cases they may even be in a majority. Anecdotal reports suggest Muslims are using prisons in the UK and across Europe as Jihadi recruitment and training camps. We need to gather as much evidence as possible of what is going on in our prisons, and the corruption involved in letting this happen.

  3. Showing Muslim aggression inside the UK and Europe

    The amount of material showing muslim attacks and aggression in Western countries is small compared to the sheer volume of actual crimes. The mainstream media has an unbending policy of glossing over and covering up atrocities committed by muslims. We need to expose the sheer scale of what is really happening.

    When people see violence in other countries they tend to think it is far away and nothing to worry about. We need to convince them the violence they see in the Middle East is what we are importing into the UK and Europe. For this reason we are only interested in footage from Western countries.

    Yes, these can include graphic videos and images. We are not sick minded, but we do believe some of the people we are trying to get through to really need the shock.

  4. Exposing Muslims in high positions

    At Islam Leaks we feel sure that the many failures of Sadiq Khan is not simply down to incompetence. The Quran mandates that followers put Islam before anything else, including country. Sadiq Khan was never trying to act in the interests of the British people, but he sure is doing a fine job of furthering the cause of Islam.

    We suggest he is deliberately causing as much chaos as he hopes he can get away with. And why not help huge numbers muslim immigrants to enter the country illegally at the same time? With another muslim, Sajid Javid, in charge of the UK Home Office, these are golden times for muslim immigrants. Khan and Javid are probably finding more back doors to open as we speak.

    We need to get real information on muslims in high places, such as Sadik Khan and Sajid Javid. (But not just Khan and Javid - any and all muslims in high places). We need to find evidence they are not what they make themselves out to be.

  5. Exposing politicians who sold out to Islam

    David Cameron continually defended Islam whatever an attack happened. He repeatedly put forward the falsehood that "These attacks are not because of Islam" and "Islam is really a religion of peace". Jeremy Corbyn has gone further, publicly declaring Hamas and Hezbollah to be his "friends".

    Are our politicians really so stupid that they haven't thought to check the actual teachings in the Quran and Hadith? Are they just too cowardly to confront the truth (but deliberately avoiding the truth would still be treason)? Or are they actually complicit?

    We know muslims have already tried to buy off certain anti-Islam activists. But we are only likely to hear about it from those who said "no". How many figures in the administrations of the UK and Europe have been bought off? Who is lying, who is looking the other way, who is incompetent, and who is an actual enemy of the people? Real evidence could pull the our leaders complacency to pieces and give the establishment the shake-up it really needs.

  6. Exposing the corruption of the mainstream media

    How has the mainstream media become so intent on framing stories from just one perspective? But it grows ever harder for them to paint their false narrative (e.g. desperately seeking out the only one or two children in immigrant camps so they can keep claiming "immigrants are poor fragile child refugees".)

    If you are a journalist working for a mainstream media outlet who still has a shred of integrity then it's you who we need. Don't be a traitor to your own values. Your actions in exposing corrupt media organisations is likely to save lives.

    Mainstream media outlets have abused the trust of their loyal followers, a trust their founders worked incredibly hard to establish. Now we need to get the word out this trust is no longer deserving. If enough of their readership desert they will be forced to change their ways or face bankruptcy.

  7. Anything else you think we might be interested in!

    Hopefully the previous points clarify the kind of information we are looking for. However, if you have information which doesn't fall strictly into one of these categories, it doesn't mean we don't want to hear about it. Get in touch and tell us.

How can I make sure my submission is secure?

We don't require you to provide your name, email address or any other personal information when you make your submission. You can provide these if you are happy to be contacted, but they are not required.

We have a strict policy of not tracking the IPs of visitors to our secure upload area. You will know you are on the secure area because your browser will show a URL beginning with secure - (ie an address like https://secure.islamleaks.org/...)

However, if you don't trust us, and want to make absolutely sure we can't track who you are, you can download and install the TOR browser. Once you have installed this, navigate to our secure upload area using the TOR browser, and make your submission. TOR will completely cloak your originating IP. (If you don't know about TOR, and want to learn more, you can start here.

Why are my submissions important?

Bias within the mainstream media has reached a ridiculous level. Multiple atrocities, some of epic proportions have occurred in the name of Islam on British soil - yet the media focus is always on defending Islam. As a result there is very little material showing anything about these attacks at all - including reports from the victims and footage of the perpetrators.

Muslim woman holds "#not in my name" sign

Typical Mainstream Media Propaganda

When we set up this site, we tried to find still images showing Muslim aggression in the UK and Europe. Despite the vast number of attacks that we know have happened, most images we could find were propaganda depicting muslims behaving peacefully - pretty muslim women holding up signs saying "not in my name", muslim leaders laying out flowers for the deceased. Where are the images of the victims? Surely the victims should be the ones holding up the signs? And why are the perpetrators of crimes by white people splashed all over every front page for weeks on end, while Muslim attackers - far, far greater in number - enjoy having their identities hidden?

The fact is, these crimes are committed in the name of Islam, and the amount of material which is being kept from us is likely to be vast. What we have been told about Muslim rape gangs may well be the tip of a very large iceberg.

The only way to combat this deep violation of integrity by the authorities and the mainstream media is to get through to enough ordinary people so that together we can thow these people out.

Whilst the majority of what are known as the "working class" in the UK are on board with the dangers of Islam, the "middle class" tends to remain in blissful ignorance, or perhaps denial. You may think nobody could possibly trust the mainstream media any more, but I'm afraid this is wishful thinking - there is a very large group of people who still takes their word as gospel.

This group tends to prefer written-word format sources, and prefers to have their sources collated, rather than exploring youtube videos. We aim to provide a site this group may actually discover.

Your submissions are crucial in our mission of getting the truth out, getting more people to reject Islam, and helping restore Western values.